Fountains from Bernardi Fountains & Statuary
Outdoor fountains sold at garden centers and home improvement stores are usually the same basic outdoor sculptures mass produced for retail. Because of the costs involved with producing large outdoor fountains,      
these unoriginal, carbon-copied outdoor fountains are plain and unattractive with only basic features like a jet of water spewing up.

Bernardi Fountains and Statuary brings beauty back to outdoor fountains by combining artistic designs with construction strategies to offer complete outdoor water fountain packages. Our water fountain packages include: artistically designed fountain, pump, plumbing and so on. Here are some of the outdoor fountains that Bernardi Fountains and Statuary features:

Bernardi Fountains and Statuary
Outdoor Fountains - These outdoor fountains provide the perfect accent to garden or park. Our outdoor fountains are easy to set up, simply fill the fountain with water and plug it in. Choose from over 30 original fountain designs.

Bernardi Fountains and Statuary
Extra Large Fountains - These extra large fountains were designed by first generation Bernardi family. These fountain designs are copyrighted and offered exclusively through Bernardi Fountains and Statuary. Please be advised that because of their sheer size, the logistical infrastructure in regards to freight and installation is more complex than our other outdoor fountains. You may need equipment, such as a crane, to install our extra large fountains.

Our process in creating our outdoor fountains is a long, labor-intensive task. First the original fountain is sculptured. Then the fountain design is than copyrighted. Next, a mold of the fountain is made from the original. Lastly, Bernardi Fountains and Statuary reproduces the cast stone fountain, which is then hand finished by professional craftsmen. These outdoor fountains are similar to the ones you would see in Italy or Greece made centuries ago.

To order our outdoor fountains, call Bernardi Fountains and Statuary at (561) 968-1487 or fill out our inquiry form and one of our friendly representatives will help you finalize your purchase.

Please be advised that Bernardi Fountains and Statuary does not custom make outdoor fountains from photos or drawings.